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You’re In A League Of Your Own

Had a great day today working at the
Fitness Lab (my new base in

Got to help Robbie (the owner) out with
recording a few videos for the launch of
his new project ‘Fit League’

I’ll share more details of it in future

but there is one element to his project
that I want to share now as there is a
great lesson in it for you…

In short, Fit League involves a 6
exercise course that varies over the
season with results each month being
recorded put into a league table.

All sounds very straightforward but
there’s some magic to the scoring

It calculates and ranks each athlete
not only on overall performance but on
personal improvement over the

It enables competitors of all fitness
to compete against each other in
a fun inspiring environment.

Focussed on their own progression rather
than just beating the next person.

Such a good system

And exactly the way you need to think of
functional assessment.

You see comparing an individual to
others or averages, whether it’s in
terms of biomechanical markers,
strength, range of motion or any other
variable for that matter

Is rarely helpful.

And in fact can lead you quickly and easily
down the wrong path.


when you TRULY individualise
your entire process

And can look at each person’s
potential to improve

and set goals that encourage
effort towards self improvement

instead comparison with others

You can truly create an empowering
environment for patients of all ages and

And that’s when the fun really begins…

It’s this understanding of TRUE
individualisation that you learn on
Thirst courses

and will set you apart from the crowd.

Click here to get involved:


Speak soon

Chris ‘unique snowflake’ Wilkes

PS Launched membership to the brand new
Thirst 4 Function Book Club in my email yesterday

If you missed it keep you eyes peeled for my email
tomorrow for an opportunity to get involved

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