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The Secret To Repetition Without Repetition

During the summer break this year I went
on a great water shoot while on holiday.

It was one of the best I have been on.

Not the fastest

Not the longest

Not the scariest.


Still one of the best

It started nice and sedately sitting
in a rubber ring being gently pushed into
the opening by water jets.

Round a couple of bends still quite TAME

The suddenly out of nowhere the ring
just drops into a huge opening where
you’re thrown high up on the sides from
one side to the next.

Feeling like you’re right in the limit
of tipping out.

Great buzz

Everyone’s faces at the bottom told the

Then you realise why the guy at the top

“Is it your first time”

with a wry smile

It’s a great lesson for creating the
best experience for your patients.

No, not scaring them half to death..

But delivering a service ABOVE and
BEYOND what they’re expecting.

It’s what we constantly strive for on
our courses

and why we get people repeating courses
2 and 3 times

Because the content EVOLVES and

So if you’re ready…

Click here to get daily emails that teach this…

and let us exceed your expectations.

Speak soon

Chris ‘not what you’re expecting’ Wilkes

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