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The Problem With Facebook

I resisted getting back on FB until
quite recently

Had a brief stint on it at uni but then

(After accruing more than my fair
share of photos of myself slightly worse
for wear)

But after being constantly told it would
be good for Thirst…

I jumped back in


I made a massive mistake first few

Started chiming in on groups,
commenting, debating / arguing about

Until I realised this.

The book of faces is not a place to
debate and try to change people’s

People are in there for other reasons

Mostly presenting the best bits of life
and conveniently missing the real story.

So I’ve done things differently

Just put up content I think is useful to

And then get off there asap.

And start sending these emails to you

To escape the noise and get to speak
about stuff I love —

WITHOUT getting trapped
in meaningless debates that actually
don’t move anyone forward

It also helps avoid those that aren’t a
good fit for working with me

(They get to unsubscribe)

don’t get me wrong..

It’s not that it’s all bad

There is some great content on there
and not just on the Thirst Page;-)

But trouble is.

How much time do you spend / waist
watching the people debate why x is
better than y.

Without actually getting anything useful
from it?

See it’s easy to get lost in the world
of ‘this versus that’

Especially if you you don’t have a set
of core principles to keep you on track

Principles you can use to separate
the wheat from the chaff – quickly

and see what’s useful


more importantly what will help
you get better results with your

Click here to get daily emails that teach this…

See you soon

Chris ‘Zuckerberg’ Wilkes

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