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The Politics Of Functional

What should the Green Party and you have
in common?

Prioritising the environment.

This email is NOT to persuade you to
vote ‘green’ by the way 🙂

But to persuade you that your TOP
PRIORITY should be the environment too.

I’m talking about the environment YOU
create for your patients.

Think of it like this vvvv

When you cut yourself.

You don’t have to organise all the
complex processes that happen to heal
the wound.

You just have to make sure it’s clean.

Protect the area from re-injury

Eat some nutritious foods..

Stay hydrated etc.

i.e. create the environment for healing

and your body will do a great job of
repairing the cut.

Your patients are just the same.

Concrete example..

Imagine they present with an acute ankle

YOU can’t heal the tissues or remove the


You CAN create an environment that will
help ensure their body can do a
successful job.

What’s the most effective way to reduce

Restore motion


First, identify the movements they can
already do.

Pick the ones that are a closest to the
functions they want to get back to.

For example…

If it’s lateral ankle sprain loading into
sub-talar eversion is usually a great
start point to restore pain free

This can be done with dynamic exercise

IF you know how to TWEAK MOVEMENT
to create the reaction you want while
limiting others.

Try this one for size…

Imagine you have a right lateral ankle

Now step forward with your right foot
but aim across to your left and toe out
slightly as you land.

The direction and mass and momentum will
lead to increased eversion AND protect
you from painful inversion.

You can then play with variables to find
more free motions using the same

Then build on this SUCCESS

An awesome way of limiting the negative
effects of disuse

And gives you patient’s confidence in
their ability to recover fully and

No need for extended proprioceptive
training AFTER healing as you’re doing

It’s not about rushing them back quickly

but about doing things EFFICIENTLY



LIMITING the negative physical and
behavioural effects of the injury.

The practitioners on our courses will be
learning how to OPTIMISE this process
for the UNIQUE individuals they see in

Plus tons of other awesome functional

Want in?

Click here to get daily emails that teach this…

Speak soon

Chris ‘environmentalist’ Wilkes

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