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The Harsh Truth About PAIN

Hold on tight we’re going DEEP today

If you haven’t had coffee yet grab some

We’re going to look at a quote from AT
Still — founder of Osteopathy and all
round legend

He wrote a host of epic ideas about

But definitely in my top 5 is this

“To find health should be the object of
the doctor. Anyone can find disease”


Read that again and let it soak in

Now think on this.

When you put resolving pain at the
centre of your paradigm.

As a lot of people seem to want to these
days. #paininthebraincrew

You miss this crucial point.

Let me explaineth…

There are many ways to manage pain.

-Take pain killers

-Stop doing the thing that gives you

-Get some CBT

-Learn about what pain is

-Use adjuncts to desensitise tissues

The list goes on:

But the problem is that they’re NOT
moving you towards health.

In fact quite the opposite.

Think about this:

By definition PAIN is an output

A stimulus to change behaviour.

Based on multitude of factors past and

Health on the other hand is a state of
complete physical, mental and social

(NOT merely the absence of pain)

So you can’t simply be focussed on
removing pain as a paradigm.

As that in itself has no real direction.

You have to be focussed on finding

The byproduct of this is the resolution
of pain and other symptoms.

But not the GOAL.

Health is your patient’s focus too if
you ask the right questions and LISTEN.

Speak soon

Chris ‘rant over’ Wilkes

PS- if you’re challenged by this thought.

It’s a GOOD thing.

Be sceptical and always question what
you’re told.

That’s what we’ll be asking the
practitioners on our Functional Spine
and Pelvis course to do.

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