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The Clue Is In The Name

I’ve been reflecting on Thirst’s social media presence recently

Why? Well as some of you may have noticed I changed my profile pic on Facebook a few days ago.

What a depressing experience….

It got more LIKES than most of my videos and functional research posts ever get.

for a brief moment I considered starting to post pictures of cute puppies and complaining about Donald Trump to boost our engagement further

Then it hit me….

It’s SOCIAL website called FACEbook

so you shouldn’t be surprised when a picture of your face draws engagement.

Oh and I was sporting a rather magnificent beard (if I say so myself!)

Perhaps keeping it all serious and professional is not the smartest plan.

Of course this is also the key to practice.

Your patients aren’t just interested how much anatomy you know.

or how well you understand biomechanics

or the latest research on pain.
(though these are important)

They want to know that YOU care about THEM.

As a real person.

with a family, job, hobbies, goals, concerns, fears etc.

They want to LIKE you.

On the Thirst 4 Function series we blend the essential anatomical, biomechanical and science based knowledge into a process

that helps you build a stronger patient – practitioner relationship.

So you can truly make a lasting change in peoples lives.

Here is where you can sign up.


Speak soon

Chris ’a beard is for life not just for Xmas’ Wilkes

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