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Beenish Kamal
Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, MSc Sport & Exercise Medicine, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

“Having worked as a Physio for 9 years, I have attended numerous musculoskeletal courses but nothing has inspired me or changed my practice as much as Thirst For Functions courses. It really is the missing link in understanding real movement. I can’t recommend them highly enough. It will leave you totally buzzing and wanting to learn more and more. Chris and Matt are a fantastic double act, their passion is infectious and knowledge for human movement is outstanding, yet they are incredibly understated and humble. What makes them different to any other course tutors? They are open to helping you continue your learning after attending their courses. They welcome you to spend time with them to help consolidate your learning. If any courses will change your practice for the better and make you love rehabilitating clients – these courses will”.

David Tiberio
Ph.D., PT, FAFS, GPS Dean, Gray Institute Professor Emeritus, University of Connecticut

As Dean of the Gray Institute and the GIFT Mentorship program, one of my concerns is getting our educational intellectual property disseminated to movement specialists in a form that is consistent with Applied Functional Science.  The Thirst4Function team, with principal instructors Chris Wilkes and Matt Harris, are trusted partners with the Gray Institute.  Matt, Chris, and the other instructors have all completed our GIFT Mentorship program.  When we looked for a relationship in the UK, a top priority was individuals that understood the Principles – Strategies-Techniques process that serves as the foundation of Applied Functional Science.  Just as important was finding individuals that could create an environment for learning.  Finally, the desire to continue their own learning was paramount. The Thirst4Function team possess all these attributes.  Their professional “triangle” of active treatment, teaching, and scholarly endeavors promotes a continuous learning process that fuels their educational courses.  I can endorse their programs without reservation.

Hong Kong

From day one to day three,  both Matt and Chris  captured the attention of all in attendance with their tag team approach in delivering complex information and witty ability to make the complex simple and practical.

Matt and Chris complimented each other, in knowledge, enthusiasm and practical application while maintaining the group connection, by interjecting the experiences of each participant. Their passion and dedication continue to inspire participants in Hong Kong and they have developed a strong following amongst the personal training and health care professionals market.

In this way, everyone could benefit personally from the Applied Science Based Knowledge that these two shared, making it a totally worthwhile experience for all concerned.

Awesome Experience


“From the beginning to the end I thought the weekend was a fantastic success. The delivery of the information taught was not only inspiring but clearly versed & of course presented with an infectious passion.

To say the course was a challenge would be an understatement but that is a great thing. I thought you guys thought of everything including snacks that wouldn’t give us a sugar crash! I’d love to book on the next course and thank you all again for a wonderful weekend of learning.”

Doug Gray
GIFT Director & Faculty

Thirst 4 Function is a huge advocate and extension of Gray Institute and Applied Functional Science®. Gray Institute is privileged to not only endorse Thirst 4 Function, but also partner with such a remarkable company. Thirst 4 Function’s team is authentic, knowledgeable, and top-notch.  Their courses are a perfect avenue for anyone in the Movement Industry looking to take education to a deeper level and better serve any and all patients and clients based on their individuality.

National Fitness Manager of one of the UK leading health clubs.

“I have previously attended many courses and workshops on function and found that the team at Thirst 4 Function have a great talent of making technical content sound very digestible. Their functional courses are extremely practical and are delivered in a passionate and approachable manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending any Personal Trainer or Fitness professional who wants to learn more about how the body works as a unit to attend Thirst 4 Function workshops.”


“Amazing course! I loved the enthusiasm and passion from Chris and Matt. Their course has inspired me to venture more into a functional approach and it’s already helping me see patients in a different light.

Great venue, easy to get too and had everything you needed.I liked the way Chris and Matt got the group to interact and recap on topics.

They also engaged with everyone individually despite the group being quite big. I enjoyed hearing their journey and how they incorporate Applied Functional Science into their patients treatment and rehabilitation.

Very well presented and so fascinating that a weekend course isn’t long enough! The course gets 10/10 from me.”

Physiotherapist MCSP, MMACP, MSc.

“Thanks so much for a great weekend. I think the enthusiasm is rubbing off, just had a massive buzz from treating my first patient of the week! Found the threshold of success and everything!”

Patricia Klaus

“Chris and Matt were great. Their talk was well paced, really well explained and practicing on each other and ourselves was very helpful.

They could have warned us that we might feel a bit sore a couple of days later – it just proves how unfit I am! I look forward to receiving information about the future events.”