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Success Starts With This Key Action

Exciting week this week.

We’re starting the Sitting pod on the
Gray Institute GIFT forum.

It’s a specialty pod in which we get to
discuss strategies with the 2015 GIFT

I’ll be sneaking a few of those
strategies in here. So keep your eyes

But I noticed something else which I
wanted to share with you.

Because of the pod I jumped on the GIFT
forum and a had a browse through
loads of the awesome threads that are
going on.

Watched some videos

Read some research papers that had been

And then it struck me

What an IDIOT I have been.

All these seriously useful resources and
I just don’t get in and make the most of
them regularly.

See once you have completed GIFT you
have FREE access to all the NEW


You just DON’T use it. (and it’s not just me)

I speak to lots of other graduates and
they’re not making the most of it either.

See, when you don’t have any skin in the

when you’re not investing money in

It’s perceived VALUE goes DOWN

NOTHING to do with the quality of the

Ask yourself this:

How many times have you given friends
and family FREE advice?

But they do NOTHING with it.

Then a few months later they PAY to see
someone else…

…and then proceed to tell how useful the
their advice was.

Even though it’s EXACTLY what you told
them months before!

Makes you want to scream.

The difference?

When you INVEST

You VALUE it more.

It’s why now I know I HAVE to invest in
things I really want to achieve.

And it’s why you should too.

The money makes you accountable.

It’s why I email you loads of strategies
for free every day.

But I know most of you will need to
invest BEFORE you will to really start to put
them into practice.

Plus the courses are packed full of the
really good stuff I don’t give away for
nothing 😉

Ready to make yourself accountable?

AND finally get the results you really

Click here to get daily emails that teach this…

PS- Were down to ONLY 3 places left now
on our Spine and Pelvis course.

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