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RSI Pain Locked Or Loaded

Day 2 Moscow Upper Extremity report…

Primary focus –> Load to Explode

The Principle that:

Given the opportunity the body will go
through a loading phase prior to
exploding in the desired direction of

This loading allows the body to create
more efficient motion.

Classic examples of this can be seen in
power activities such as throwing.

To throw an object forward the first
motion of the body is in the opposite

Without this motion it’s very difficult
for you to generate power and throw the
object very far at all

This is what probably happens when you
try to throw with your non dominant

Give it a try…

So assessing your patient’s ability to
load effectively is vital skill to
identify areas that have potential to

in order to help them be more efficient.


the REALLY cool part of this principle
is when you see that it can be applied
to almost all tasks

Even when they don’t have have a large
range of motion or require lots of

Imagine now your patient sits at a desk
typing for many hours of the day

and suffers with RSI type pain in their

Traditional approaches often look at
static ergonomics

how can we position them

with funny shaped keyboards and wrist

Searching for optimal static position

But NOW you understand that the body
craves motion

in order to load and explode to move

you can see that this doesn’t make much

A much more logical approach is to
assess how your patient loads in all 3
planes throughout the

made up word for

so they can set their wrist and forearm
up for easy efficient motion.

And remove the stress that often leads
to pain.

To learn the skills to put this
Principle into practice

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Chris ‘Loaded’ Wilkes

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