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Re: Optimal Loading Blog Post

Just read an interesting blog post on
the importance of optimising load in

50% of it was spot on

Then it all went awry.

You see this a lot when research is
applied to practice without PRINCIPLES

They end up missing the wood for the VW
diesel fumes.

Here’s how it happens…

The blog post starts with good
description of the relevance of load

Then goes onto the role of identifying
the optimal amount of load to create
positive adaptation without the negative
adaptations of too much or too little.

(Nice reference to Goldilocks as well)

The premise is good.

Then my heart sinks


Well, it all falls apart in the
application part.

….because the focus now becomes about
tissues in ISOLATION.

(in this case the patella tendon)

So we’re told to modify isolated loads
around the painful tissue

Now we’re on the route of treating the
tendon out of context.

And there’s no way back

You see it’s a different paradigm

Never any thought to

-Why the patella tendon

-Why one leg not the other

-Why now?

Never mind any other systems that might
be involved

Sure, You can ignore it and just get the
‘bad tendon’ to do more.

But is that really a long term solution.

What do you think?

vvv So the lesson vvv

Loading is key

But not in isolation

Because applied in this way it’s just
like a sticking a plaster on the symptom

NOT seeing the context and getting to
the causes.

If this seems fine to you

If you’re happy chasing symptoms

And sticking plasters on

Fair enough

I get it.

You can always ‘back it up’ with research

And you don’t have to think to hard

But if this is the case —> our courses
are NOT for you.

Your call 😉

Speak soon

Chris ‘the body is a unit’ Wilkes


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PPS- if you want to read the blog

Here’s the link



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