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Functional Spine & Pelvis


Thirst 4 Function’s spine & pelvis course has been designed for rehabilitation and movement specialists who work with people of all abilities with pain, injury or performance based goals.

This course will equip you with practical biomechanical knowledge and up-to-date assessment, treatment and rehabilitation techniques enabling you to quickly and effectively get to the bottom of even the most challenging cases.

What you will learn:

Day 1 – Morning session – Core principles and essential biomechanical knowledge

– 5 core principles of movement for clinicians

– an update on the latest spine & pelvis research

– ‘patient specificity’ – why it’s critical and how to apply in to your practice

– how to put EBM in context to the individual

– foundational biomechanics of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine

– real bone motion vs relative joint motion

– kinetic chain and regional interdependence during movement

– how to identify influential factors in spine & pelvis pain and dysfunction


Day 1 – Afternoon session – Logical movement assessment and practical application

– ‘task specificity’ – why it’s critical and how to apply it

– where to start with assessment of the spine & pelvis

– the myth of looking for ‘symmetry’ in spine & pelvis assessment

– integrated and task specific spine & pelvis assessment strategies

– hands-on functional assessment of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine

– what, WHEN and how to reassess

– using assessment and reassessment to set and meet expectations

– practical workout session using functional principles


Day 2 – Morning session – Proprioception, muscle function and energy efficiency 

– the organisation of movement at the level of the nervous system

– how to leverage the elastic properties of tissues

– understand why ‘proprioceptive’ exercises are a misnomer

– muscle function – what we (and people smarter than us!) know and don’t know

– eccentric vs concentric vs isometric when, why, how

– the role of stretching  (and what you want to look out for when it comes to patients)

– internal vs external cueing for changing movement habits


Day 2 – Afternoon Session – Dynamic hands-on skills and creating long term adaptation and lasting results

– principles of hands-on techniques with movement

– case study discussions and practical applications

– conscious vs subconscious actions: what you need to know

– how to change habitual movements and postures

– how to increase patient compliance with home exercises

– SAID principle and what it means for your homework programs

– the ‘nitty gritty’: position, direction, range, load, reps, sets, frequency, duration

– longer term progression and planning

Who is it for?

Thirst 4 Function Spine & Pelvis course is for passionate and highly motivated practitioners who are looking to update their knowledge to more effectively and efficiently identify and address the key factors influencing pain and dysfunction in their patients.

This course is very popular with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Sport Rehabilitators, Sport Therapists, Advanced Personal Trainers, Pilates Teachers and other movement professionals who work with patients in their teens to the elderly, and from office workers to elite athletes.

Dates for your diary:

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd October 2017

Location: Locker 27, Addlestone, Surrey. UK

Investment: £345 (£295 if booked as part of the Thirst 4 Function Series)

What you’ll get when you sign up:

– 2 days of high quality CPD full of practical knowledge you can put into practice immediately

– A comprehensive series of videos summarising key content that you will have lifetime access to

– A one on one Skype call after each course where you can ask questions and discuss patient cases and strategies

– Access to the private Thirst 4 Function facebook group where you can tap into the knowledge of the Thirst community, ask questions and discuss cases.

Hear what other Professionals had to say after attending this course:

“These bite sized AFS modules are delivered with clarity and efficiency by the Thirst 4 Function team, making it not only a pleasure to attend, but so simple to integrate into my current Pilates practice. The days were effectively  structured to support and cater for a wide variety of backgrounds and knowledge, making it a logical route forward for any movement practitioner!”

Liz Bussey, Movement Therapist and Polestar Pilates Principle Educator

Ready to update your knowledge, research and practical skills so you can tackle spine and pelvis problem with more confidence?

Book a place on the Spine and Pelvis course