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The Myth Of The Talented Osteopath

How many times have you heard it?

So and so is a talented Osteopath, Coach, Physio etc.

It’s even been said of me before (Believe it or not!)

But I now think it’s INSULT

rather than a compliment.


because it’s simply not the reason for anyone’s success.

This quote from Conor McGregor sums it up nicely

“I am NOT talented, I am obsessed”

The hard work

The hours spent





Obsessing over being better

All done a disservice by putting it down to talent.

After all talent is just luck. (unless you believe in some divine karma – a conversation for another day)

Putting it down to talent also has another deeper problem.

If you look to your heroes, mentors

or experts in any field as being ‘talented’

it puts their achievements out of your reach…


If you put them down to obsession and bloody hard work.

Then the road is open for you to follow in their footsteps

and even exceed their achievements.

And now we come to the kicker:

This is exactly the same principle you have to deal with in your patients.

If you place hopes of their recovery on something OUT of their control

you leave them helpless.

BUT If you emphasise their ability to influence it

with the EFFORT they put in

they regain control

and this is powerful.

Applying this in practice requires the skills to be able to show your patients quickly and simply how they themselves can influence their progress

This is EXACTLY what you will learn if you join us HERE

Speak soon

Chris ‘Obsessed’ Wilkes

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