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Functional Is Going Down With A Sinking Ship.. Here’s Why

Travelling again today…

I love airports btw

Great opportunity to chill, have a coffee and do some people watching

or more accurately: gait analysis with luggage tweaks 😉

This time I’m off to Belfast to do a day with the the Northern Ireland Osteopathic Society.

We’re going to be looking at a Functional approach to the Shoulder

(Also got my tour of the Titanic Museum all lined up…)

Really looking forward to the course.

We’re going (as always) to start with the Principles

And build our strategies and techniques from that foundation.

Here is a brief snap shot of a few of the things I have planned.

* Using movement to understand how the shoulder function is related to trunk and and hip function

* Task specific assessment strategies that simplify the start point of treatment and rehab.

* Analysing the relevance of ‘Special Tests’ of the shoulder versus understanding each individual’s threshold of success.

* Active hands-on treatment techniques that allow you to facilitate pain free movement quickly and efficiently

* Case studies to illustrate the Principles and Strategies in action in real life scenarios.

* An effective and adaptable repertoire of exercises strategies and techniques

* How to prescribe homework to increase compliance and build self reliance.

If that sounds like it might be useful…

Join us on our next Functional Upper Extremity course


Speak soon

Chris ’Titanic day out’ Wilkes

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