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Exciting new Athletic 1080 course – first time to the UK

Thirst 4 Function are very excited to be hosting Athletic 1080’s 2 day 1080 Movement – Assessment Specialist course at Pure Sports Medicine, London on 5th and 6th July 2014.

Upon completion of the course you will be a licensed 1080 Assessment Specialist. You will have the unique ability to test and analyse functional mobility, stability, strength, speed, power and endurance in three dimensional movement patterns. Understanding how these physical factors interact is critical for the development optimal physical performance.

In order to determine the client’s / patient’s current status 1080 have created 1080 Movement Assessment Profile (MAP 1080), which is a systematic test system that directly reflects the physical factors that determine performance in a functional way. With the profile you will be able to design effective rehabilitation and training programs.

To learn more about the Athletic 1080 team visit their website here and check out this video below:

The course includes a portable Athletic 1080 test mat and unlimited number of online test profiles for two months.

Book here to secure you place.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Thirst 4 Function team.

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