Thirst 4 Function Book Club

Would You Like To Read More Books, Stay Up-To-Date & Become A Better Practitioner?

The Health & Movement Professional’s Book Club

Where Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sport Rehabilitatiors, Sports Therapists, Personal Trainers and Movement Specialists get together to read books… and finish them!

What we read: non-fiction books about neuroscience, movement, mindset, ethics, psychology and the human body

Why we read them: to get through our “Must Read This One Day” book list, and to discuss with like-minded people what they made us think about, what they made us feel and how it can influnce they way we work.

"At last - a simple, effective way to read more of the books that will influence the way we work with our clients and patients, with the opportunity for stimulating discussion to help us retain and use more of the information!"

Chris Wilkes - Founder

Are you a health, fitness, movement or rehab professional with a long-list of books to read, a full Amazon “wish list”, a Kindle full of downloads you’ve started but not finished?

So am I.

That’s why I set up the Thirst 4 Function Book Club - the online book club for movement professionals.

Just like regular book clubs, we select a book to read, read it within a set time frame, then discuss what we thought.

The difference here is that all the books we read are interesting, useful, and make us better practitioners. But they’re not clinical papers, text books, or dry course materials.

They’re classic non-fiction books, new best-sellers, or word-of-mouth hits. Covering a wide range of topics including mindset, psychology, movement, neuroscience and more..

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this month’s book...

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