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Anatomy, Anatomy, Anatomy

My guilty pleasure is property shows

And all time favourite

Location, Location. Location

For some reason I find the cheesy banter
between Kirsty and Phil entertaining.

Watching a new episode the other day..

…Phil came up with a very smart strategy
for narrowing the property search of the
couple he was working for.

And there’s a great lesson in it for

As usual the couple wanted lots of space
AND city centre location

…which was way beyond their budget.


Phil goes to work —->

First house he shows them is in their
perfect location


Much smaller than they wanted.

Then he simply lays it out.

“This is the size YOU can afford in this

“Happy to compromise or shall we look
further out?”

Simple question

And straight away the couple say

“take us further out”

Decision made AND most importantly

..now they were really happy with the
rest of the search because…

THEY made the realisation from an

It’s different from being TOLD what’s
BEST in theory.

This is a great strategy to use with
your patients.

For example.

Using the EXACT Movements as homework
that you use during your session to get

Don’t give NEW exercises and then ask
them to TRUST you it will work.

Let them experience the RESULTS first

That of course means you need the skills
to use simple movements to get great

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Speak soon.

Chris ‘Grand Designs’ Wilkes


There was another great strategy in the
same show:

Email on that soon…

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