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An important date for your diary

I’ve been getting excited recently in
readiness for a big day…

December 17th 2015

Recognise the date?

Depends how much of a geek you are.

It’s the day ‘the Force Awakens’

No? still nothing?

OK it’s all about the release of the new
Star Wars movie.

And more importantly a return to the
style of the ORIGINAL movies I loved
watchin as a kid

(there was a prequel trilogy released
more recently but to be honest —- not
so good)

Now don’t get me wrong I still bought
the special Edition DVDs and watched
them back to back in one sitting and few
more times since

But they weren’t quite the real thing.

—-> I have watched original trilogy
more times than I can count.

It was the reason behind a few faked
duvet days when I was a school (don’t
tell my mum)

YES I’m even more of a GEEK than you

So now I’ve just got to think of a way
to make this email relate to FUNCTIONAL

(scratching head)

OK here goes.

Let’s call those methods and techniques
that don’t pass the functional litmus

The Dark Side.

So you are out there in practice trying
to be the best you can possible be

You know this means focussing on

and the things that matter most
to your patients.

generally being a Functional Jedi.

^^^see what I did there ^^^

But it not all plane sailing.

You get stuck

You doubt yourself

You lack the confidence in what you see

and what to do next…

So The Dark Side creeps in

You you sneak in some CLAMS and some leg
extensions to get the glutes and VMO

and what happens?


no one dies

And actually some of the patients still
get a bit better.

But when you ‘search your feelings’

You know you could have been more

So you get back on track applying
functional principles…

…and things are going well.

Then you come across a Sith Lord –

The Darth Vader of non-functional

Telling you about all the amazing
results they get with their new method
which is opposite to what you know to be

But it’s appealing

They have a very compelling argument

Maybe even a course to attend and some
famous client testimonials

So you read a bit more

watch a few videos

Try it out with patients

But it just doesn’t make sense to you
and results are patchy.

However your learning all the time about
your own methods

The process of testing the Darkside has
developed your critical thinking

You understand more about the what is
useful and what isn’t.

It has given you ideas to develop your
own practice

You see

You need the balance of other opinions,
ideas and methods.

To remain open minded and progressive
and NOT become stuck in your ways.

But to do this successfully you need
a foundation of core PRINCIPLES

That’s what we bring to the table:

Click here to get daily emails that teach this…

May the force be with you..

Chris ‘a little on the Darkside’ Wilkes

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